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DIHs role in boosting the AI adoption in their region

  • 1.  DIHs role in boosting the AI adoption in their region

    Posted 10-11-2022 10:26

    One of the important European efforts to drive excellence in AI research, innovation, and application, the EC is to drive inclusiveness in AI on a regional level. This is where the Digital Innovation Hubs (DIHs) come into play. These bodies are positioned to support organizations with their uptake of AI on a regional level. This support is not only in the form of technical support but also through business, legal, data, skills, and ecosystem support. For example, DIHs can provide their clients with use cases an access to infrastructure. 

    I'm adding a very interesting report, elaborated by FundingBox within the framework of BonsApps project, includes results and conclusions based on answers from the targeted group of Digital Innovation Hubs that filled out the DIHs survey between 03 - 05.2022. In the report it is highlighted the participation of DIHs from Ghana, Mozambique and South Africa. Results of the survey (included in section 3) cover the description of a target group of DIHs interviewed, AI Adoption challenges in their local ecosystems (SMEs focused) and analysis of the needs of DIHs in their mission to support their network.

    The survey was launched as a part of DIHs roadshow webinars. Section 2 includes the details on dissemination actions made to reach the DIHs and details on the content of the series that was focused on cascade funding opportunities for AI and networking.

    In the report you can find information on the highest relevance of the robotics processes by end users and the main challenges for AI adoption. 

    Do you agree with the report results? Would you like to share your experience?

    Maria Roca Puigserver