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what's the potential for cleantech startups across Africa?

  • 1.  what's the potential for cleantech startups across Africa?

    Posted 10-11-2022 10:26
    The team at Briter Bridges has again done a great research on African startup ecosystems, this time with a specification focus on cleantech/climate tech. 

    It's interesting to see that most of the investment funding flowing into cleantech is going into renewable energy, especially solar companies like PEG or BBoxx are taking the lion's share of cleantech investments across Africa. 

    At the same time there is a huge untapped potential for cleantech in other sectors such as agritech, construction/housing or waste management? What do you think is needed to also catalyze an increase in cleantech investments in these sectors (that make up a tremendous amount of GHG emissions across African economies)?

    Keen to hear your thoughts on this, and wish you happy reading! 

    Adapt, Mitigate, and Grow: ClimateTech Innovation in Africa - Briter

    Niek van Dijk